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Yada Yada Yada: The (Strange but True) Life of a Young English Major

Anything for the story.

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Because not everybody reading knows everybody I talk about, I have decided to create a sort of mini cast of characters and descriptions of the people I talk about most frequently.

ALAN (THE MORMON): My completely wonderful (and real...so very real) husband.
SPIKE: From Buffy.
TiNY: The single person, outside of blood relatives, whom I have known the longest and still consider a great friend.
JESSICA: Another really great friend who does still live in town.
CASEY: My younger sister.
WOOBIE: My even younger brother.
JERRY: Seinfeld.
PAUL MCCARTNEY: Some guy who forgot his chapstick in the bathroom at the Super Bowl. Oh well, mine now.

I'll edit as is necessary. I'm sure I've probably forgotten someone very important whom I talk about all the time. We'll see. :-P

A cast o' careactor's 'll play
From diff'rent places now they stay
A brown 'aired gurl who talks alot
Be controll'd by tis lass ye see
It's merely a flesh wound
But can a herring chop down a tree?
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